Improving Product Reliability

Summit ESP's Research and Development lab, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the heart of the ESP industry, combines experienced scientists and engineers with premier build and test capabilities to develop technology capable of withstanding the harshest environments with leading reliability.

Generating new technological advancements

We are developing innovative products and platforms with robust engineering, insightful data analysis, and superior reliability for the harshest applications in artificial lift.

Gireesh Bhat, Technology Director

Developing next generation technology

Our R&D team accelerates product growth, staying at the forefront of innovation.

Developing next generation technology

Our experienced R&D team has superior application knowledge and is focused on customer technology needs.  We innovate rapidly and develop new ideas for our customers with exceptional service.

Our testing philosophy focuses on added value and product performance with the industry’s most advanced testing capabilities that include:

  • Motor dyno test loop
  • HPHT cable test vessel
  • Slurry loop
  • 260°C, horizontal well
  • Cable high-temperature test vessel
  • Hot and cold chamber for VFD testing
  • Vertical wells for system integration testing
  • High-pressure multiphase gas loop 
  • Multiphase flow visualization loop
  • Viscosity stage testing
  • High volume test loop - 110,000 BPD
  • Bearing and stage testing
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing bunker


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