Making the right engineering and start-up decisions

Field engineering and start-up activities have become increasingly complex, as the industry deals with more challenging reservoirs, increasingly sophisticated technologies, more sustainable practices, harsher environments, and economic constraints. Halliburton applies its global expertise to help you select and apply innovative engineering and start-up techniques, adapting to the specific needs of your field. Our collaborative approach to field engineering and start-up aligns with your need to develop your fields efficiently while achieving operational and financial objectives.

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Increase in expected ROI for a remote sour gas field


BPD condensate found being flared in a facility review

Best practices in field engineering and start-up

Halliburton expertise helps you efficiently perform field engineering and start-up so that you achieve operational and financial success:

  • Enhance efficiency with close operator and Halliburton alignment, from concept development to execution
  • Reduce costs by integrating field development and operational planning activities
  • Transition from planning to operations seamlessly, for instance by early ordering of equipment and services with long lead-times
  • Embed latest technologies, including digital oilfield infrastructure, in engineering and start-up activities
  • Take a life-cycle approach to design and operations by adapting facilities to expected changes in production, for instance increasing water cuts and declining reservoir pressure


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