Understand existing assets and new opportunities with regional context

Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and look at the big picture.

  • Are there potential bypassed pay or near-field exploration opportunities that may have been missed?
  • What reservoir quality insights can be developed from source-to-sink relationships?
  • Where are the best analogues that can be used to constrain unresolved uncertainties?
  • Which basins have potential for saline aquifer storage of supercritical CO2?

    Halliburton Consulting offers expertise in evaluating play concepts, leveraging analogues, and delivering regional screening solutions for all scenarios.

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    Weeks to perform continent-scale CCS screening


    Months for a regional unconventional assessment


    Months for worldwide frontier exploration program

    Drive efficiencies with informed subsurface understanding 

    Macro-economic drivers show a gap in the projected ability of proven reserves to sustain long-term supply, even as the industry transitions toward sustainable energy generation. Production optimization and near-field exploration and development will help, but some significant new discoveries of advantaged hydrocarbons will also be required to bridge the gap.

    Whether you are looking for a strategic global screening program for new deepwater acreage, evaluating advantaged hydrocarbons, or looking for new ideas in old basins, Halliburton Consulting will collaborate with you to achieve your goals. Our comprehensive screening processes leverage our unique fully integrated global understanding of the subsurface and assisted interpretation technology, including Machine Learning applications, to identify and deliver proven, potential, and possible plays at pace.



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