iEnergy is the industry’s first hybrid cloud designed to deploy, integrate, and manage sophisticated E&P cloud applications, including DecisionSpace® 365. 

It seamlessly connects your assets whether they reside in a public, iEnergy Stack, or a private cloud. It offers a comprehensive set of fully managed cloud services, delivering an excellent customer experience that empowers you to focus on your core business. iEnergy also helps accelerate deployment of new technology, optimize system usage, and reduce downtime. 

This can be accomplished with fewer resources so you can accelerate time to value, reduce IT infrastructure complexity, and reduce total cost of ownership. 

Secure Operations

Protects all systems in the cloud and guards against cybersecurity threats via a 24/7 security monitoring center.  

Fully managed E&P cloud services

Experts provide 24/7 operations with continuous integration and deployment, optimizing cost and performance by deploying, monitoring, and maintaining update cycles on your behalf. 

Flexibility and innovation

Open architecture enables easy integration of Halliburton and third-party applications or plug-ins and the development of your own cloud services and associated microservices. 

Connect to the Edge

The hybrid cloud supports both public and private cloud assets, providing the ultimate oversight across your entire E&P landscape, including real-time data communications from the wellsite to the office. 


Deployments across 20 countries


Reduction in TCO


Users, from SMB to enterpise

SOC2 Compliance

Digital compliance with SOC2 and global standards keeps your assets and operations secure, backed by our commitment to use established, best-of-breed practices, tooling, and systems. 

Continuous monitoring

Continuously monitors application and infrastructure performance and security, logs issues, creates alerts, and notifies support teams for proactive review and resolution of issues. 

Scalable environments

Continuous optimization of the infrastructure for best price performance helps provide scalability depending on demand, enabling you to run large-scale models as a SaaS.   

Backup and recovery

Leverages cloud-native, automated backup tools and strategies for optimum data protection and recovery services. 

CI/CD automation

Reduces time for application maintenance and rollouts by scheduling regular monthly windows to deliver application upgrades, OS patching, or security upgrades.   

Flexible deployment

Offers private or public cloud deployment depending on your specific needs and regulatory requirements with integration between the two. 

Digital Transformation of the E&P Industry

Digital Transformation of the E&P Industry

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