Halliburton has developed custom acid blends and techniques for well stimulation focused on improving acid coverage and maintaining long-term production rates. Our acidizing solutions go beyond conventional treatments to improve acid coverage. 

For near-wellbore cleanout treatments, Halliburton provides a broad range of technologies for remediating paraffin, asphaltene and scale deposits in the near-wellbore region. Our solutions include chemicals and pulsing technology.  



Stimulation Service 

AccessAcidSM stimulation service helps improve acid coverage in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, beyond the capabilities of conventional diversion systems, during acid stimulation treatments. 


Asphaltene Removal Service 

DuraKleen® asphaltene removal service is a new approach to the decades-old industry problem of asphaltene and paraffin deposition on production equipment. This service uses an environmentally enhanced water/aromatic solvent emulsion system that represents an important advancement in maintaining long-term production rates. 


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