Envana™: Digital Emissions Management Solution

Leverage Halliburton's 100+ years of E&P experience to help measure, analyze, and reduce the carbon footprint of your oil and gas operations

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A library of emissions sources tailored to oil and gas

Access templates of common emissions sources and activities for oil and gas operations within our curated Envana Catalyst library. 

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Embed an awareness of ESG into your business

Take the next step in operationalizing sustainability into your business by integrating emissions impacts into your existing software ecosystem. 

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Easy to use tool for emissions estimates

Analyze multiple pathways to reach your sustainability goals with a clear visibility of your emission sources. 

How can we help you understand your emissions?

Carbon footprint tailored to oil and gas activities

Discover a smarter and more relevant assessment of your emissions picture and benefit from a library of emissions sources built from extensive industry expertise in exploration and production services.

Centrally govern your emissions

Foster a consistent understanding of emissions across your company, using your chosen emissions standards, in whatever region your teams may be working.

Helps to embed ESG and achieve your goals

Give your teams an understanding of their contribution to the overall emissions portfolio of the company, with no additional burden of adopting new software.

Get a Carbon Footprint for your well

Use our library of emissions profiles to model emissions for upstream oil and gas activities, with the ability to make modifications to your usage, or use prefilled defaults.

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Envana: Digital Emissions Management

Build an estimate of your carbon footprint with components relevant to jobs in oil and gas

Envana: Digital Emissions Management

Bring awareness of emissions to your whole enterprise

Halliburton is tackling the challenges faced by the industry when trying to operationalize sustainability. 

Envana™ Catalyst is a new product that provides solutions designed to increase the transparency of the environmental impacts of drilling, completions and production during the planning and design phase. This helps to improve the visibility of greenhouse gas emissions tracking and forecasting and provides support for actionable recommendations through upstream asset life.

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Library of Emissions Sources Tailored to Oil and Gas

Templates for emissions are provided that are specific to the emissions sources for oil and gas operations. 

Centralized Governance of Emissions Data

Centrally govern the emissions models used across your company, choosing the methodologies used to estimate emissions and updating them as needed. 

Clean and Accurate Data

Maintain your emissions data and modeling in Envana Catalyst, with central governance so that all business units are calculating emissions in a standardized and consistent way, with change and assumption tracking. 

API Connection

Connect directly to design, planning and execution software, to deliver live emissions impacts of operations straight to your teams. 

Easy and Efficient Collaboration

Engineering, operations, and sustainability teams can connect and collaborate to help achieve your emission reduction goals. 

Secure Cloud Environment

Hosted on the iEnergy® cloud, Envana emission applications enable seamless, secure access to your users. 

Ready to speak to someone about emissions?

Ready to speak to someone about emissions?

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