Multidisciplinary, 3D fracture simulator and completion optimization tool

Fracture modeling value-delivery requires the right people and the right tools. Halliburton engineers have supported hydraulic fracturing since its inception. As a company we have more fracture data and results than any company in the world. However, that data is only valuable if it can be put to use. This requires the right tools. GOHFER software is the premier hydraulic fracture software package on the market and is the right tool to drive value to the end users.


58% of operators choose GOHFER® software for their fracture simulation

This is more than twice as much as its closest competitor. GOHFER software is also considered to be the most accurate frac modeling software package by almost a 4:1 margin over its closest competition.

Import Complex 3-Dimensional Mechanical and Reservoir Earth Models
Import Complex 3-Dimensional Mechanical and Reservoir Earth Models
Simulate Multiple Fracture and Well Interference in Full 3D
Simulate Multiple Fracture and Well Interference in Full 3D

The evolution of fracture geometry with offset depletion

With over 30 years of development, the Grid Oriented Hydraulic Fracture Extension Replicator (GOHFER®) software package has proven to be the leading integrated well design and optimization package. Recognized as the chief hydraulic fracture simulator in the industry, GOHFER software computes input from all disciplines of petroleum engineering, including petrophysics, geology, geophysics, drilling, reservoir and completions. 

A GOHFER software project integrates all these disciplines, and leads to a coherent and consistent three-dimensional (3D) reservoir and geomechanical model for both unconventional and conventional reservoirs. GOHFER software is the most powerful, comprehensive tool available in the petroleum industry for the design, analysis and optimization of hydraulic fracture and acid fracture stimulation treatments.

Available Courses & Training

Learn from one of the industry's best.

Halliburton offers industry training courses on hydraulic fracturing and stimulation of horizontal wells and unconventional reservoirs.  With over 35 years of experience and contribution to the development of hydraulic fracture design simulators and fracture diagnostic procedures, Dr. Robert D. Barree provides a unique perspective that is un-paralleled in the industry. 

These courses are beneficial for engineers of all disciplines involved in hydraulic fracture stimulation of horizontal oil and gas wells and unconventional reservoir stimulation.

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