Nitrogen Equipment 

Halliburton integrated nitrogen services work seamlessly with our trusted products and services so you can plan, design, and coordinate the use of nitrogen and traditional services in a single call.

  • Stimulation: helps speed treating fluid recovery, reducing rig time and improving results. Nitrogen can generate fracturing and acid foams — techniques where Halliburton outpaces the industry in research and practical application
  • Coiled tubing services: aids in acid spotting, well cleanout, chemical placement, perforating, and squeeze cementing operations
  • Completion: helps bring a well on without swabbing, reducing completion time, and minimizing lost swab and blowout problems
  • Pressure testing: reveals leaks in half the time normally required for hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Cementing: helps overcome lost circulation problems by aerating the mud column
  • Drill stem testing: facilitates control of unknown formation characteristics and improves test accuracy
  • Lost circulation control: reduces mud weight, helping to reduce losses
  • Hydra-jetting: can achieve up to 300% increase in penetration
  • Annulus insulator: inhibits paraffin precipitation
  • Stuck drill pipe: lightens mud column and helps release differential sticking

Pumping Equipment

As the industry leader in oilfield pumping services for over 100 years, our fleet of pumping and mixing equipment is field-tested, proven, and ready for your challenges. Halliburton pumping equipment can improve every aspect of a well, including:

  • Stimulation: through acidizing or other means
  • Squeeze treatments: from scale inhibitors to solvent flushes, our pumping services combined with our custom chemistry help solve your challenges
  • Pressure testing: casing, tubular, and surface equipment
  • Toe preps: initiate sleeve activation for hydraulic fracturing operations

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