Remove wireline runs from completion operations 

We offer a wide-range of interventionless, remote-controlled open close technologies to help you simplify well operations and save time and costs by removing wireline runs. 

Our field-proven suite of isolation barrier valves replaces traditional wireline plug and prong equipment, dramatically reducing the number of wireline runs from an operation or eliminating them completely. You can also minimize safety risks by removing the need to rig-up wireline and all the associated pressure control equipment.

Explore Halliburton isolation barrier valve solutions

eMotion® Remotely Operated Downhole Valves

eMotion® Remotely Operated Downhole Valves

Halliburton eMotion valves provide interventionless remote control of hydraulically actuated completion equipment, eliminating multiple wireline runs.

FS2 Fluid Loss Isolation Barrier Valve

FS2 Fluid Loss Isolation Barrier Valve

The FS2 fluid loss isolation barrier valve is a reliable, interventionless solution for fluid loss control during well completion operations.


When the success of your completion project relies on effective flow control and wellbore barriers, the Halliburton FS2 isolation barrier valve provides a reliable, interventionless solution.

The FS2 valve isolates the formation below the uppermost gravel-pack packer, holding pressure from above and below, to help ensure complete formation isolation during upper completion installation. The FS2 valve provides a reliable means of isolating formations during up-hole operations throughout the life of the well.

The FS2 can be used in sand control frac-pack, gravel-pack, and standalone screen applications as well as intelligent and standard completions.

Reliable, Economical Fluid Control and Barrier Technology

Reliable, Economical Fluid Control and Barrier Technology

Our isolation barrier valves are designed with bi-directional pressure-holding capabilities for complete formation isolation and effective flow control. They are qualified and tested in accordance with ISO 28781 requirements.

FS2 fluid loss isolation barrier valve  

A reliable, interventionless downhole tubing barrier valve designed to simplify completion installation and deliver high performance in harsh environments. 

IB-Series Mechanical Fluid Loss Isolation Barrier Valve 

A proven mechanical solution for fluid-loss control during well completions that eliminates formation damage.

LV4 Downhole Lubricator Valves 

High-performance, surface-controlled tubing retrievable isolation barrier valve isolates well pressure in tubing strings. Dual control lines operate the valve open or closed.

Remote Open Close Technologies

With a long battery life, our valves provide hydraulic power to operate completion equipment by remote control, removing the need for dedicated personnel on location and saving time and costs.

eMotion®-LV Remotely Operated Isolation Barrier Valve 

The computer-controlled full-bore barrier valve eliminates multiple wireline runs during completion placement operations, saving rig time and money and reducing risk.

eMotion®HS Remotely Operated Circulating Valve 

Permanently deployed above a set production packer. Provides high circulation rates without any interventions during completion deployment, saving rig time, and reducing risk and costs.

eRED® Electronic Remote Equalizing Device

Computer-controlled ball valves can be repeatedly opened and closed by remote command, removing multiple interventions, saving time and money. 

Eliminate formation damage with fluid-loss control solutions.
Eliminate formation damage with fluid-loss control solutions.

Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT)

Successful isolation barrier valve installation for 24 wells

Halliburton designs and installs isolation barrier valves in deepwater Gulf of Guinea that withstand water, temperature and fluid challenges. 



Remotely operated technology saves 59 hours of rig time

The remotely operated eRED-LV valves helped eliminate one full wireline rig up/rig down, eight shallow runs and one deep wireline run. 


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