Integrating disciplines of the well construction process

Halliburton delivers well construction through advanced practices, technology, and cross-product-service-line experience in drilling, geology, petrophysics, and geomechanics. The Halliburton software suite facilitates integration and optimization. Halliburton Project Management applies broad global expertise in contracting, integrating, and providing oversight of rigs and other critical third-party services throughout all phases of well design and construction.


Halliburton Project Management applies state of the art Landmark's Decisionspace® 365 well planning software that optimizes surface locations and well placement trajectories to avoid surface and subsurface hazards. Collaborating with operator subsurface teams, Halliburton engineers develop and optimize well designs that meet optimal field development requirements.

Integrated Solution Design

To provide optimal solution design and planning, Halliburton project teams perform the following:

  • Collaborate with the customer on risk assessment, Basis of Design and contingency plans development
  • Characterize subsurface uncertainties through geomechanics analysis
  • Prepare the Design of Service utilizing Digital Well Program for efficient workflows between PSLs
  • Perform advanced simulations using Well Construction 4.0 digital technologies
  • Develop the comprehensive project drilling program 

Integrated Project Execution

During execution, Halliburton Project Management provides world-class well delivery through:

  • Effective project startup through alignment with rig contractors and other third-party services
  • Seamless Integrated Design of Service implementation
  • Advanced risk management through monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Value Stream Mapping for continuous improvement
  • Comprehensive and timely capture of lessons learned enabled via Digital solutions

Performance Optimization

Through drilling performance monitoring, Halliburton maximizes value at every stage of the process, providing solutions to mitigate downhole problems, increase ROPs, and optimize rig operations.

As rig and tool sensor data is fed into the digital twin, models and parameters are constantly updated for optimal performance in the next cycle. For the drilling crew, this means a shorter learning curve and faster adoption of new technologies.

In addition to enabling the digital twin, Halliburton Digital Well Operations provides an open, integrated suite of software and services to connect and manage all phases of delivery — from subsurface to completion. 


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