The future of well construction is digital. The future starts today.

Digitally integrated well construction - for years, these words described the far-off future of oil and gas. Not anymore.

Using digital technology and automation at Halliburton today, we can construct wells with fewer resources, in less time, and with more consistency. This means using technologies such as digital twins, autonomous and remote-controllable surface equipment and downhole tools, process digitalization, machine learning, and reliable connectivity to remote places.


Do more by reducing waste with collaborative well engineering


Increase performance through integrated automation and remote operations


Gain predictable and repeatable results by mitigating risk via applied learning

Generate value by deploying digital in well construction

At Halliburton, we generate additional value by using digital technology to connect experts, data, workflows, and automation. We deliver digital integration during all stages of well construction, from planning and design to execution and lessons learned.

Our solutions fall into four categories: Collaborative Well Engineering, Virtual Remote Operations, Integrated Automation, and Applied Learning. They are deployed in Halliburton Landmark iEnergy© for both public and on-premise clouds for office applications and on the rig for execution applications.

Collaborative Well Engineering

Digitally integrating experts, workflows, and data to design optimal wells

  • Automated workflows, integrated design data and calculations
  • Connected resource planning
  • Applied learnings from past wells to current design
  • OSDU-based digital data exchange with customer digital systems
  • Trusted engineering calculations embedded in automated workflows

Virtual Remote Operations

Digitally integrating experts, workflows, and data to deliver optimal wells

  • 24/7 remote operations that deliver well construction intervention, optimization, and execution
  • Real-time well engineering
  • Real-time performance analytics and optimization
  • Real-time data aggregation and streaming
  • Manage by exception systems integrating alarms from various services

Integrated Automation

Digitally integrating well construction services through automation to deliver optimal performance

  • Autonomous well placement
  • Automated drilling parameters setpoints
  • Automated integration of well construction services with the rig operating system
  • Open platform Edge advisory orchestration enabling 3rd party applications


Applied Learning

Digitally capturing insights and applying lessons to optimize the next section or well

  • Automated offset well analysis
  • Automated performance benchmarking
  • Automated lessons learned and risk identification
  • Connected well data across multiple services


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