DecisionSpace® 365 software as a service on OSDU™ Data Platform provides greater control over your data with the tools to create intelligent workflows that enhance efficiencies and data-driven insights. 

The E&P industry generates 10TB of data per well per day! Such large quantities of disparate data of variable quality are difficult to manage and even harder to utilize. The OSDU Data Platform has helped transform enterprise data management by liberating data from the applications and applying a standard set of APIs to help our industry better utilize it’s greatest asset. 

DecisionSpace 365 software as a service on the OSDU Data Platform provides high throughput, low latency and self-cleaning solutions for ingesting large quantities of data from a variety of sources. Once the data is loaded, DecisionSpace 365 cloud applications provide modular, open and plug and play solutions, with intelligent workflows to drive efficiency and provide data driven insights.  

By making an OSDU Data Platform instance publicly available in the OpenEarth® Community and creating an OSDU Data Platform reference implementation, Landmark is empowering the E&P Industry to rapidly develop and deploy new applications which integrate easily with DecisionSpace 365 and other 3rd party applications. 

The Business Advantage  


Own your data

Optimize data usage and help ROI with streamlined data ingestion and quality control.  


Verify your data

Understand the data source and the related context to enable for more confident decision-making. 


Break down siloes

Leverage open architecture to utilize plug-ins and third-party applications for seamless cross-domain collaboration. 


Increase efficiency

Utilize automated workflows to help eliminate inefficiency.


Accelerate innovation

Implement ML/AI capabilities and data driven insights to drive innovation.   


Preserve investment

Existing data is ingested from EDM and OpenWorks into the community OSDU Data Platform to derive rapid value from new and existing investments and workflows.  

Our Commitment to OSDU Data Platform

All products and solutions are OSDU Data Platform complaint.

An OSDU Data Platform instance has been made publicly available as a project in OEC.

We have created an OSDU Data Platform reference implementation, are working to optimize it for performance and scale, and contribute any changes and enhancements to OSDU Data Platform.