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With over 25 years of global experience, our comprehensive liner hanger portfolio features expandable, mechanical- and hydraulic-set systems with options for ultra-high hanging capacity, high bypass, and rotation while cementing.  

Halliburton liner hanger systems are ISO 14310 V0-qualified and can be deployed in all types of environments – medium, extreme high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT),  and ultrahigh temperatures up to 650° F (343° C).

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VersaFlex® XSL ELH system provides 100% reliable solution

Halliburton successfully installs 200 consecutive VersaFlex XSL systems with perfect execution, zero service quality or safety issues.

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VersaFlex® XSL expandable liner hanger

VersaFlex® XSL expandable liner hanger

Completing liner jobs during wellbore construction can be a challenging and costly process. Halliburton VersaFlex® XSL expandable liner hanger systems offer a simple, robust and reliable solution without compromising job quality — reducing overall operating time, cost, and capital expenditure.

Geothermal energy liner hanger solutions

Geothermal energy liner hanger solutions

Tiered solutions for geothermal well construction


Expandable Liner Hangers

VersaFlex® expandable liner hanger (ELH) systems combine Halliburton industry-leading expandable solid tubular technology with cementing expertise to offer impressive tensile and compressive load capabilities. Reduce completion complexity and rig time with our dependable and versatile expandable liner hangers designed for any well completion.  

VersaFlex® Big Bore Liner Hanger System 

All-in-one integral hanger/packer system with proven reliability and high-performance, ideal for complex deepwater and subsea installations. 

XtremeGrip™ Expandable Liner Hanger System 

High-performance metal-to-metal sealing technology ideal for complex deepwater wells and ultrahigh temperatures for geothermal applications.

Conventional Liner Hangers

Our suite of conventional liner hanger systems help you reduce well construction costs and improve overall performance by efficiently deploying the liner to total depth. The portfolio includes pocket-slip liner hangers, a full range of integrated liner-top packers, tieback receptacles, and complementary components.

MatchSet® Conventional Liner Hanger Systems 

Mechanical- or hydraulic-set, MatchSet liner hanger systems help solve well challenges where modular design capability and minimizing risks are key priorities. 

Reliable well isolation and integrity solutions  

Halliburton liner hanger systems allow the liner to be suspended in the previous casing string by providing reliable sealing and a bi-directional anchor capability. A seal at the top of the liner hanger prevents the transfer of fluid or pressure from either direction. Our liner hanger systems enable operators to reduce material costs and gain greater operational flexibility without compromising well integrity.

XtremeGrip Expandable Liner Hanger System

XtremeGrip Expandable Liner Hanger System

Halliburton contributes advanced technologies to Hess Stampede project

37 XtremeGrip® liner hangers installed across 7 Stampede wells with zero nonproductive time issues.

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